Tyler Baer

Tyler Baer



Tyler has an incorruptible drive to iterate and learn. His eight years of experience in: food production, value chain management, and leadership define him as a lean operator. He leverages experience in agriculture, startups and government to creatively unite disparate perspectives and address strategically and holistically address workplace opportunities.

He has worn many hats simultaneously and is at home in environments where things move fast. In his work Tyler has directed: logistics, key partnership development in the public and private sectors, user interface, operations, team building, and learning and development. He’s lived in three countries, traveled extensively, and before becoming a coach, served as Director at a successful startup where he managed employee training, ran teams, and managed large USDA government programs responsible for distributing over 2.8m pounds of food to schools in the Nation’s Capital.


Tyler has a B.S. in German and Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He fell in love with food and the power tradition has in bringing people together while living abroad in Europe as an exchange student. Tyler uses systems based thinking approaches to drive change in organizations and this approach benefits from his work in food production and logistics.

Tyler also holds a permaculture design certificate from Whole Systems Design in Vermont and enjoys bringing design thinking principles to leadership and personal development. Permaculture is a principle that employs pattern recognition and naturally occurring resiliency to maximize output and has transferrable methods to business.

Tyler is also a certified Integral Coach through New Ventures West.


Tyler believes prioritizing well-being is paramount to human sustainability. He recognizes employees are not an asset or capital, but instead ARE the company. This understanding is the first step in creating a culture that increases engagement and ingenuity while reducing: burnout, sick-leave, and attrition. In his coaching, Tyler offers his clients tools designed to help them better navigate the perceived obstacles on their path to personal and professional goals, all while maintaining a buoyant sense of humor.