Kim Trajano

Kim Trajano



Kim is transformation coach and leadership consultant who empowers leaders to master their mind, body, and heart so they can bring their unique gifts forward and change the world. As a lifelong student of psychology and the interconnectedness that binds us all, Kim believes that people (and how they work together) are at the foundation of every successful endeavor. Through her work as a leadership consultant, she has led and facilitated transformational dialogues with start-up founders to seasoned business executives at Fortune 500 companies. Kim loves bringing transformative changes to people and organizations and wants to help you and your business meet your goals.


Kim has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Cal State University. She has a passion for helping others and deepening connection within individuals, in relationships, and across teams and organizations. The outcome is more empowered team members, better relationships, and a better bottom-line.

Kim is also a certified New Ventures West Integral Coach and adjunct faculty member.


She believes that real change happens when deep personal insights meet actionable commitments supported by clear and compelling purpose to drive radical transformation. She takes a no holds bar approach to presenting clients patterns to them to create lasting transformational results.