Do you want your team to improve coordination, increase effectiveness, and foster improved culture? Great, we want that too.

Do you have a great team, and you want to be better? Are you looking to improve communications across your team? Think more strategically? Find common ground in conversations? Target shared goals and enable diverse and collaborative opinions?

To improve teamwork Radiant uses a blend of Individual Coaching, as detailed above, and adds several layers to optimize teamwork and team dynamics.

First, we add a cross-functional team member look. This is a blend of the integral coaching method and the various Enneagram types on the teams. How are your team members’ styles coalescing, how are they impeding one another? How can we best integrate these styles to create a smarter, more dynamic team? How can we get the most out of each other through working collaboratively and motivating one another?

We look at your team members’ strengths and viewpoints. In working with teams we typically see improvements and behavioral shifts within the first several meetings.

Radiant then utilizes a systems based approach. Do you want to maximize operational effectiveness? Employee engagement? Have you seen organizations try for quick fixes? Then they miss a larger barrier. Organizations often make changes that only impact the surface in looking for short-term gains. This often never solves, or further exacerbates, long-term issues.

Radiant works with Leadership teams to examine broad impacts of changes and recommend systematic improvements to leadership decision making, organizational tools and processes, and customer impacts. This method is scientifically proven to ensure greater profitability, customer happiness, and employee retention over the long-run.

“Every day of our lives, we are on the verge of making those slight changes that would make all the difference”
- Mignon McLaughlin

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