About Us

Our Goals & Philosophy

What are your goals? Your dreams? What is the thing you want most for yourself right now? What are you doing to get that?

We all have areas we are looking to improve, turn-around, or change in life and having a coach can be one of the best ways to do that.

Studies on the effectiveness of coaching by the Manchester Group, Pyramid Resource Group, and Right Management Consultants have shown ROIs in the 500-700% range.

“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their full potential.”
– Bob Nardelli, CEO, Home Depot

Are you looking to...

  • Be a more Authentic Leader
  • Coach yourself for your team to succeess
  • Eloquently and powerfully communicate
  • Foster committed relationships
  • Improve your connection with family or friends
  • Better sell your ideas and projects
  • Maintain better self-care
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Massively improve your efficiency and time management

Then we are here to help.


Program Objectives

Our goal is to help you be your best self. If you are looking to become a better leader, refine a skill, have an improved understanding of yourself and your team, or foster deeper relationships; we can help. We look at you, understand you, and tailor a program. Our integral coaching method focuses on you and sees how you are showing up in the world, how others perceive you, and what your best next steps are to unlock your potential. The integral method focuses on you as an individual and seeks to understand your perspective, your challenges, and what actions you are currently taking.


  • • Self-knowledge and perspective
  • • Personal behaviors and practices
  • • Relationships and communication
  • • Environment

Typical Areas of Development

Are you seeking to improve with professional skills such as networking and collaboration? Do you want support with people management and leadership? Are you trying to improve project or time management?
Or are you looking for broad organizational improvements? Are you seeking to foster an improved work culture? Increased organizational effectiveness? Or, reducing conflict to achieve better results and satisfaction?
Radiant also works with individuals to improve personal skills. Want to get rid of those nerves and dazzle audiences with public speaking? Walk around with more confidence and improve your self-image? Or just be happy. Reducing emotional distress at work or in your personal life?